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The Young Martyr

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The Young Martyr

In Christianity , a martyr, in accordance with the meaning of the original Greek martys in the New Testament, is one who brings a testimony, usually written or verbal. In particular, the testimony is that of the Christian Gospel , or more generally, the Word of God. A Christian witness is a biblical witness whether or not death follows. Christians believe that where death ensues, the witnesses follow the example of Jesus in offering up their lives for truth.

The concept of Jesus as a martyr has recently received greater attention. Analyses of the Gospel passion narratives have led many scholars to conclude that they are martyrdom accounts in terms of genre and style. In the context of church history, from the time of the persecution of early Christians in the Roman Empire , and Nero it developed that a martyr was one who was killed for maintaining a religious belief, knowing that this will almost certainly result in imminent death though without intentionally seeking death.

This definition of martyr is not specifically restricted to the Christian faith. Though Christianity recognizes certain Old Testament Jewish figures, like Abel and the Maccabees , as holy, and the New Testament mentions the imprisonment and beheading of John the Baptist , Jesus's possible cousin and his prophet and forerunner, the first Christian witness, after the establishment of the Christian faith at Pentecost , to be killed for his testimony was Saint Stephen whose name means "crown" , and those who suffer martyrdom are said to have been "crowned". From the time of Constantine , Christianity was decriminalized, and then, under Theodosius I , became the state religion , which greatly diminished persecution although not for non-Nicene Christians.

As some wondered how then they could most closely follow Christ there was a development of desert spirituality , desert monks, self-mortification, ascetics , Paul the Hermit , St. Anthony , following Christ by separation from the world. This was a kind of white martyrdom , dying to oneself every day, as opposed to a red martyrdom , the giving of one's life in a violent death. In Christianity, death in sectarian persecution can be viewed as martyrdom. There were martyrs recognized on both sides of the schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England after Two hundred and eighty-eight Christians were martyred for their faith by public burning between and by the Roman Catholic Queen Mary I in England leading to the reversion to the Church of England under Queen Elizabeth I in Three hundred Roman Catholics were said to be martyred by the Church authorities in England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Even more modern day accounts of martyrdom for Christ exist, depicted in books such as Jesus Freaks , though the numbers are disputed. There are claims that the numbers of Christians killed for their faith annually are greatly exaggerated, [22] but the fact of ongoing Christian martyrdoms remains undisputed. Despite the promotion of ahimsa non-violence within Sanatana Dharma , and there being no concept of martyrdom, [27] there is the belief of righteous duty dharma , where violence is used as a last resort to resolution after all other means have failed.

Examples of this are found in the Mahabharata. Upon completion of their exile, the Pandavas were refused the return of their portion of the kingdom by their cousin Duruyodhana; and following which all means of peace talks by Krishna , Vidura and Sanjaya failed. During the great war which commenced, even Arjuna was brought down with doubts, e. This is where Krishna instructs Arjuna how to carry out his duty as a righteous warrior and fight.

Shahid originates from the Quranic Arabic word meaning "witness" and is also used to denote a martyr. Shahid occurs frequently in the Quran in the generic sense "witness", but only once in the sense "martyr, one who dies for his faith"; this latter sense acquires wider use in the hadiths. Islam views a martyr as a man or woman who dies while conducting jihad , whether on or off the battlefield see greater jihad and lesser jihad. Martyrdom in Judaism is one of the main examples of Kiddush Hashem , meaning "sanctification of God's name" through public dedication to Jewish practice.

Religious martyrdom is considered one of the more significant contributions of Hellenistic Judaism to Western Civilization. According to W. Frend , "Judaism was itself a religion of martyrdom" and it was this "Jewish psychology of martyrdom" that inspired Christian martyrdom. However, the notion of martyrdom in the two traditions differ considerably. Martyrdom called shahadat in Punjabi is a fundamental concept in Sikhism and represents an important institution of the faith. The Sikh Gurus and the Sikhs that followed them are some of the greatest [ peacock term ] examples of martyrs who fought [31] against Mughal tyranny and oppression, upholding the fundamentals of Sikhism, where their lives were taken during non-violent protesting or in battles.

Sikhs believe in Ibaadat se Shahadat from love to martyrdom. Some famous Sikh martyrs include: [32]. A political martyr is someone who suffers persecution or death for advocating, renouncing, refusing to renounce, or refusing to advocate a political belief or cause. Notable political martyrs include:. The term "revolutionary martyr" usually relates to those dying in revolutionary struggle.

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