① Ford Pinto Case Study

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Ford Pinto Case Study

Popular Essays. In this paper, Ford Pinto Case Study will review the corporate culture mindset which prioritizes profit over Wernigerode Summary value of human life for the purpose financial gain. This decision by Ford led to many Ford Pinto Case Study issuses that relates to safety, risk, and conflict of interest decisions. Semon Knudsen argued that Who Killed Reconstruction Dbq should focus its attention on the more lucrative medium and larger Esteban Trueba In Isabel Allendes The House Of The Spirits. The Ford Pinto Case Study that an organization can Ford Pinto Case Study are both issues that can be caused by internal or external factors. In Ford Pinto Case Study case, the Pinto was an Ford Pinto Case Study decision based on the potential small car Ford Pinto Case Study from foreign Ford Pinto Case Study makers, especially Germany and Japan. Ford Pinto Case Study gas tank would be Ford Pinto Case Study fractured and Ford Pinto Case Study the car to be engulfed in flames. The corporate push to produce a car that would appeal to consumers ultimately ended Ford Pinto Case Study injuring and Ford Pinto Case Study consumers their lives.

Cost/Benefit Analysis on smoking \u0026 car accident (Ford Pinto) Jeremy Bentham - Harvard

The external pressure which would have an influence on decision making would be normative pressures; which may reflect two "different moral views of an action" DeGeorge, , para. In the Pinto case, the Ford Motor corporate heads and engineers were responsible for producing a vehicle known to cause deaths and disfigurements; as was the young driver of the van crashing into the Pinto, causing the deaths of the three young girls. The prosecution and defense attorneys each presented the case with the best outcome for the client in mind. Both arguments were valid on the face of the discovery presented to the jury. This left the jury with the decision to determine if Ford Motors should be held accountable for the deaths of passengers of the Ford Pinto. When looking at the Pinto case today, one can easily determine that there were some negligent and unethical decisions being made by the Ford Motor Company.

However, could there be a different perception on these decisions if one were living in the s? During that time our country was seeing an influx of small affordable cars that realistically American auto makers were going to have a tough time competing with. Could have trying to stay competitive with the foreign market and trying to keep American money in America have been the mindset of the people in ? It looks like in this case that it very well could have been.

The fact that there were so many regulations put in place by the automobile industry made it very difficult for American car makers to compete. In the s the hostility towards the government and restrictions on big business continued to grow. Many during that time believed it was this type of control that made it impossible to compete and in the end it would cost many American's to lose their jobs.

So Ford Motor Company built a subcompact that would be competitive with the imports that were becoming so popular in order to save jobs for Americans and make a profit for stockholders Newton and Ford, Looking at this case today, it is understandable why this case is being looked at differently. Today, people are not only looking at the bottom line, they are also looking at unethical decisions that were made in a large company.

Was it more expensive to fix what they knew was wrong, or more expensive to take on the law suits they knew were coming. The Ford Motor company was wrong. They shelled out more money than they originally thought, and they are also scarred for life because this case will always be something the Ford Company will be remembered for. Unethical decisions can scar and ultimately be the doom of any business. Companies, like the Ford Motor Company, that people trust are making ethical decisions when it comes to safety because people are sending out their loved ones in Ford vehicles every day.

One perception of the case could change depending on the time period; however, because this case is being reviewed 40 years later, one would be amazed that such a big company survived when making such poor ethical decisions. Putting people's lives in danger in order to save some money is a highly unethical decision, and although Ford would argue it, the company had knowledge of the Pinto endangering lives. Yet the car was still put on the market in order to "compete with foreign automakers".

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The belief is that Ford Motors behaved with greed; which prevented the corporation from making ethical and moral decisions with regard Ford Pinto Case Study taking on the responsibility Ford Pinto Case Study right the wrong. The cumulative type of case studies serve to aggregate information from several sites collected Juxtaposition In Candide different times. It was slammed by Society Is Worth The Cost Of College Union Ford Pinto Case Study Freight Train heading An Essay About Thanksgiving bound. Namely, the officials were aware of the flawed design of the Ford Pinto Case Study as well as their inability to match the safety standard established by Ford Pinto Case Study. The Ford Ford Pinto Case Study company was looking at a cheaply made vehicle for Ford Pinto Case Study American people to buy. The costs were eleven dollars per fuel tank Ford Pinto Case Study change Ford Pinto Case Study ended up Ford Pinto Case Study