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Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay

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The PROS and CONS of Social Media

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Easy education research paper topics beowulf descriptive essay examples. Good manners essay pdf academic writing examples essay dissertation topics international business the research paper process introduction for apa research paper example essay on my sister in gujarati global research paper topics. To sum up, social media outlets has both its advantages and disadvantages. It gives people the power to share and make the world more open and connected while on the other hand can make people out of tune with their surroundings. There is a type of discrimination that occurs every day in our modern society. It goes largely unnoticed and unacknowledged, but hurts millions with its silent sting.

It is the discrimination against fathers and is perpetrated by the long tendrils of the media. Every father, no matter how adequate, inadequate or superb, is affected by this constant defamation. This discrimination consists of the constant degrading of the parenting role of the father and is, as well as has been a detriment to the fostering of positive relations between a father and his child or children increasingly over the past years. This treatment is unfair, unfounded and harmful. Unfortunately, it is also prevalent in our society. The media, as the largest shaper of social constructions, is most effective through two of its most popular subdivisions, the entertainment media and the advertising media.

Both parts have a long-standing record of discrimination against fathers and show no sign of recognizing the implications of their actions, let alone stopping them. With few images to hint at the contrary in our lives, how can we defend ourselves from falling victim to the unfounded dominant belief? The discrimination against fathers is an issue of culture and not of nature. It is rarely directly said that fathers are not as well equipped to parent as mothers, but it is greatly implied.

Every night it gains way into our living rooms through the evening news and our favorite sitcoms. On their funny shows, they are seen doing all they can to get out of family activities to go watch football games. By seeing these daily images in such a humorous and entertaining manner, we do not view them as harmful, but it is this comfort level which makes us blind to their detrimental effects. The specific movie topics range from stories of the hardships that a mother must go through to get her child back from an evil father to how difficult it is living as a single mother.

These kind of stories surely happen in our society, but I have never once seen a story about the love a father has for his children in fighting against a psychotic mother. The further solidification of this assertion is that neither student had a parent that left them nor did either report to favor one of their parents over the other. If their beliefs do not come from personal experience, then where do they come from?

In the same survey, when asked for a television show, movie, or advertising campaign that demonstrated, for them, the perfect family, twenty-five percent of the respondents said that Leave It to Beaver was their choice. They hint at a lack of acknowledgement for changing social norms. With this statement, he solidified the argument for a progression away from the gender governed days of the fifties into a more modern and equitable family situation.

Stereotypes sell at the box office too. Movies such as Liar Liar, The Santa Clause, and Donnie Brasco all did extremely well while all three had main characters that were horrible fathers to their children. Why in the entertainment media are fathers always seen as irresponsible and ignorant while the mothers remain a pillar of stability and support? We, as consumers of this bunk, fall into the belief, through our constant exposure to this image, that this is obviously the case. We receive the same barrage from all facets of our media exposure, including the news, the Internet, radio and most affectivity, through product advertising.

What does this imply to the consumer? That buying this product is okay because mothers say that it is good? What do choosy fathers choose? All of these slogans should lead the consumer to ask the question, where are the fathers? The reason why these types of ad campaigns are so successful is that, in large part, the fathers are in the isles buying these products along side mothers and are blind to the severity with which they are being shafted.

There has never been a time in history more deserving of equality amongst parents than in our present era. With both children in daycare and women in the work force increasing According to the same source, children in daycare is also on the rise; this can only beg for greater time for fathers to spend more time with their children and demonstrate all that they have to offer. The only reason these one sided images are prevalent in the media is because we allow them to be. It is too often held as fact that mothers are the better-equipped parents of the children. This concept holds its strength in its longevity. The media needs to recognize that fathers are taking a larger role now, than ever before, in the upbringing of their children.

The movie Mrs. Doubtfire is one example of how the media can portray fathers in a more positive light and still be well. The survey also indicated that respondents with mothers who worked and fathers who stayed home with the children had completely different responses. Unlike nearly all of the other respondents, they equated nurturing, loving and supporting to their fathers and strength, rationality, and toughness to their mothers. Another evidence that these beliefs are cultural and not natural. More films, television shows and advertising campaigns need to open their minds to the realities of fatherly roles.

In order for fathers to successfully continue to increase their role in the upbringing of their children, they need equal treatment with mothers. We no longer live in the s and the media needs to recognize this in its portrayal of fathers. The answer to this question is sadly not at all easy. This is the case because the viewers have such strongly engrained images that fathers will not soon be accepted in the public eye. Is there no paternal instinct? If we were to look at the television, down the street, or into any part of our lives, we wold see nothing other than the furtherance of these images.

The belief that mothers are more innately able to parent than fathers is far from truth. This belief which rests so firmly at the heart of our core beliefs is all too often taken as fact. The derivations of such beliefs are curious yet obvious. Why is this the case? This is true because we have grown immune to the stinging effects of culture. We see our cultural lives with rigid boundaries when in fact, they are an ever-changing region of social acceptance. Where once homosexuals and minorities were viewed as obviously lesser people, the boundaries have shifted to, at least in name, include them in the dominant beliefs of society.

Who knows how long it will take for fathers to receive their recognition, but one can only hope that this change will occur sooner than later. In order for such social inequalities to be remedied, social recognition and acknowledgement must take place. But with bias cultural margin setters such the media in the way of this shift in acceptance, it can only be hoped that individuals will take notice to the inequalities surrounding parenting roles. It is only when we acknowledge these cultural ills that they can be fixed. How can we expect to see anything different when we truly believe what we see, that mothers are better parents than fathers? How can we expect the media to change its point of view when we ourselves refuse to question the validity of our beliefs?

The popularity that social media mainly Facebook has gained over the last decade has inspired several researchers to adopt this platform as a topic of their research. According to various research works conducted on Social Media, it is astounding to know that the youth spend at least 20 minutes scrolling down the content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — the most famous Social media platforms.

Considering the active presence of the millennial on Social Media and the scale at which it has an impact on them, companies, today, are compelled to change their traditional marketing and communication strategies. According to Shea Bennett, Head of Digital at Identity, the millennial tend to spend 1 minute out of every 10 minutes they browse the internet for, on Facebook and Instagram. Such is the influence of Social Media on the youth today that it has almost become a part of their irresistible diet.

It has changed the world in many ways that anyone could barely predict until about a century ago. While there are several advantages of Social Media both in terms of connectivity and fame it can bring to you, there are few disadvantages of it, too. Apart from various attractive features included in social media, it empowers youth, or any class of generation for that matter, to create social groups and pages to attract like-minded people, thereby forming a network whereby people can share similar interests and interact with one another.

Surprisingly, few students — who were randomly picked as samples from different universities — revealed that social media has changed their lives in many ways, and even went on to say that it has been instrumental to their both personal and professional growth and also helped them be more empathetic. Communication is a crucial part of the human life when it comes to interacting and progressing our society. There are endless social media sites that make it obtainable to connect between various amounts of people.

In consideration of the ability that people can interact through social media, most people own an account for engaging. Social networking makes keeping in touch with a vast circle of friends easier. Anyone can send personal emails and letters to individuals, or post a simple message for everyone to see at once. The most genuine complication of social media is addiction. A reporter on Salem health characterized that text messaging is no longer the biggest teenage obsession, and enormous phone bills from lengthy phone calls are no longer the biggest doubts for parents. Facebook addiction is advised to be a disorder driven by a craving. Not being able to access Facebook creates anxiety among fanatics.

Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay Essay On NCAA Athletes Should Be Paid question a good hook for Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay essay course self reflection essay essay about Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay life after high school. It goes largely unnoticed and unacknowledged, but hurts millions with its silent sting. It, therefore, Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay sense for PR practitioners to use it to their advantage as much as Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay as Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay it has become an integral part of Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay practice. Hire Writer. Argumentative Essay On Social Media Words 6 Pages These platforms have become a useful tool that may result in real-life consequences if used in an inefficient way. Together with the development and social media, people Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay getting Social Media Positives And Negatives Essay and more addicted to it.