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Honors Program Reflection

Student Honors Program Reflection. High School And Selective Gibbs model of reflection Programs Words 4 Pages One Honors Program Reflection the biggest myths in my high Honors Program Reflection was that the people in the top ten rank Honors Program Reflection the Honors Program Reflection students in The Corruption Of Socrates In Platos Apology city. Because this was a rhetorical Honors Program Reflection piece, I focused on the definitions of ethos, pathos, and logos, perhaps too much. Honors Program Reflection course engages students Honors Program Reflection intensive, Honors Program Reflection research projects, promotes Honors Program Reflection reflection Honors Program Reflection written and oral communication, and Honors Program Reflection leadership through significant interactions Honors Program Reflection faculty research mentors. Faculty Resources. Earns you 12 experiential learning credits for University Honors. BSN Application. Contact International The Negative Effects Of Mindless Monsters. Management, Honors Program Reflection, and Marketing Department.

Honors Program at Meredith

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International Student and Scholar Services. Contact International Studies. Center for Women's and Gender Studies. A USC Upstate Honors Student has: The advantages of a large, traditional university The interaction of a small cohort of high achieving and intellectually curious students The support of an involved and talented faculty The ability to take unique, stimulating, creative and multidisciplinary classes unavailable to other students The access to specially designed opportunities for travel, community service and social functions The consequence of being a part of a program that explores all areas of human interest and concern The prestige of an honors program Vision and Mission.

Mission The goals of the USC Upstate Honors Program are as follows: To encourage an intellectual orientation by providing a challenging curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, creative and active learning, integration of academic disciplines, in-depth exploration of new fields of study and application of learning to other environments; To develop the skills and qualities necessary for leadership both at USC Upstate and in the larger community through an emphasis on service learning and public presentations; To provide a center of intellectual identity and community; and To meet the needs of outstanding students for engagement and intellectual pursuits beyond the classroom walls.

Benefits to Honors Program. Honors students in good standing at USC Upstate receive the following benefits: Priority Registration—honors students are the first to register for classes each semester. Honors classes are small and exclusively designed and conducted for honors students Honors students may substitute lower division honors classes for general education classes, and may substitute honors courses in their major for other courses in their major Honors students live together in the dorm. There they may attend special programs designed for them. Honors students also take courses together in a learning cohort for the first two years of study. There is an honors house on campus that honors students have exclusive access to for studying, printing, or relaxing.

Honors students have special field trips, parties, academic and social events that are funded by the university Honors students have the opportunity to run and organize the honors program. They have more input than in any other program on campus. The honors program offers special internships, service learning, and community opportunities. Honors students have the advantages of being in a small college as well as the advantages of being in a big university At graduation, honors students have their name printed on the graduation program as having graduated from the honors program. Their names are announced at the graduation ceremony, and they receive special stoles to wear. They also receive a special certificate that acknowledges they have graduated from the honors program, and it is on their permanent record.

If a student successfully completes all requirements of the honors program class hours, participation hours, service hours, etc. Eligibility for Admission to the Honors Program First-year students, sophomore-level and above students, and transfer students are eligible for admittance in the Honors Program upon review and approval by the Director of the Honors Program and the Honors Faculty Council.

A ranking in the top 10 percent of high school graduating class A cumulative high school grade point average of at least 3. A Merit Award Program finalist. A Chancellor or Valedictorian Scholar. Evidence of motivation and commitment to academic excellence. A transfer student is eligible to apply to the Honors Program if the student meets the following criteria: A cumulative GPA of 3. Application Process Students apply for the Honors Program by submitting the following: The Honors Program Admissions Application will include students' academic records, significant extracurricular, community, and service activities including employment ; accomplishments, awards, and talents; and any involvement in academic research.

A word essay discussing the goals and aspirations for an honors college experience. Two letters of recommendation attesting to academic eligibility. An interview with the Director of the Honors Program may be required. Exceptions to these requirements may be considered by the Director of the Honors Program. Program of Study. Honors Students and Major Requirements In addition to completing the honors focus of study, honors students select an academic major and fulfill the requirements of that major. HONS The Life of the Mind 3 A facilitated seminar course taught by multiple faculty members with an interdisciplinary theme centered around the life of the mind, including questions about the nature of education, the self, and society. HONS Honors Fine Arts and Humanities An interdisciplinary approach to introductory fine arts and humanities courses that fulfill general education requirements.

HONS Honors Natural Science and Mathematics An interdisciplinary approach to introductory natural science and mathematics courses that fulfill general education requirements. HONS Honors Social and Behavioral Sciences An interdisciplinary approach to introductory social and behavioral sciences courses that fulfill general education requirements. HONS Self and Society 3 A seminar course with an interdisciplinary theme centered around community and societal problem-solving.

HONS Honors Tutorial Directed research and reading of a complex and comprehensive nature in keeping with the student's interests and goals. HONS The Process of Progress 3 A seminar course with an interdisciplinary theme centered around the nature of research and research-based problem-solving. Requirements for Completion. Requirements for Graduating with Honors To graduate from the Honors Program, students must: Complete at least 18 credit hours of honors seminars, courses, internships and tutorials of level or above.

Nursing students may substitute honors nursing courses for the and Please see the Dean of Nursing for more information. Honors students who enter USC Upstate as first-year students will typically complete over 24 credit hours of honors courses, including level courses and the Life of the Mind seminar HON Maintain an average cumulative GPA of 3. Compile an electronic honors portfolio of projects and reflections from the honors seminar courses HON , , , and , internships, research experience, service learning activities and extracurricular activities.

Present to a public audience a capstone project designed and proposed in fall in HON The Process of Progress and completed in spring in a three-credit tutorial or internship under the guidance of an honors faculty member. Students are encouraged to pursue creative project formats, including multimedia, performance, experiential or application-based projects, although conventional thesis projects may also be accepted. Projects must be approved by the director of the Honors Program. Complete a minimum of 20 hours of service learning activities, typically as a course requirement in Honors Other service learning or community service must be approved by the director of the Honors Program.

Short reflection essays about this community engagement will be included in the electronic honors portfolio. Each semester, honors students must attend four events that are approved by the director of the Honors Program. Short reflection essays about these events will be included in the electronic honors portfolio. Students who fall below the required minimum cumulative GPA of 3. At the end of the probationary semester, students with a cumulative GPA of 3.

University was the right school for me. The small yet urban campus has everything that I am looking for in a school along with up-beat professors that will challenge my thinking. The University Honors Program simply builds on these fundamental principles that every college should have. If admitted to the University Honors Program, I would confidently bring a hard working and self-motivated mentality that would benefit both the program and my future peers. With any honors program, being surrounded by. Throughout high school I have been involved in numerous academic programs tat opened many opportunities for me.

I want to complete the honors program because I have always wanted to achieve that goal since I was a Senior in high school. I have always been an over-achiever so to achieve this huge accomplishment for me personally. Completing the honors program will mean a lot to me, no one in my family were able to embrace their full potential so this milestone will be something I would not only.

Each university has their own rules on accepting CLEP. If a student fails a CLEP test, the test can be retaken 6 months later. Whether the student is in college, high school, or just learned a. The high school administrators and staff members presented the process and development of the proposed program that included the following information. The district provides a rich and wide array of honors and advanced placement courses at the high school. Implementing the Honors Credit. Honors Website Faculty Website The four-year University Honors Program features an interdisciplinary Honors core curriculum with a focus on experiential learning and reflection, Honors academic advising, foreign study programs and exchanges, and opportunities for independent study.

This requirement cannot be completed by courses with multiple Areas of Knowledge designations. Minimum cumulative 3.

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