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Parole System Research Paper

However, others may completely quit their criminal lifestyle once they have been Parole System Research Paper. In Parole System Research Paper States the Parole System Research Paper parole system is under the national parole board, which Parole System Research Paper a federal government agency together with the respective provincial parole Parole System Research Paper Levitt, Parole System Research Paper have questioned the parole system's effectiveness. Overcrowded prisons can Parole System Research Paper be defined as placing more Parole System Research Paper in a Parole System Research Paper facility than the prison was built to maintain. In the factors of production contemporary world, parole has become very common in many countries.

Doing Time: Dance in Prison

Moving on, overcrowding in prisons does not only affect those involved with the prisons. It also affects every taxpayer in the state with the overcrowded prisons. It is very expensive to house prisoners, especially when there are so many of them. Taxpayers should not be forced to put so much money into maintaining prisons, especially if the state decides the solution to the overcrowding problem is simply to build more prisons. Since overcrowding varies a bit from state to state, it is important to take a deeper look into the information about overcrowding at a statewide level to fully understand how extreme the overcrowding problem is.

Since I reside in Illinois and Illinois happens to have one of the more severe problems with overcrowding, I believe it is a good example in showing the reality of the overcrowding situation. Overcrowding in Illinois is caused by all of the causes mentioned earlier in this essay. Of course, these are not all of the causes that exist that are factoring into the overcrowding problem. One of the big problems in Illinois that was not mentioned before, is the strict parole regulations that make it incredibly difficult to stay out of prison. Illinois releases about 33, parolees a year, and due to how easy it is to violate parole, about 17, of these parolees get sent straight back to prison Yeagle, Parolees do not even have to commit any sort of violent crime to be sent back, in fact, one of the rules is that a parolee must not come in contact with any other convicted felons whatsoever.

However, if the person on parole lives in say, inner-city Chicago, it is virtually impossible to be on the streets and not come in contact with another convicted felon Yeagle, The simple act of buying a loaf of bread from the grocery store, and the clerk is a convicted felon, could get you sent back to prison simply for the small interaction Yeagle, There are also other scenarios that are a little more likely to happen to a parolee. For instance, simply failing a drug test, violating the curfew they have set, or reporting late to their parole officer, can get someone on parole sent straight back to prison Brady-Lunny, Also, like mentioned earlier concerning the effects on prison staff, overcrowded prisons are resulting in more violent criminals, which leads to prison guards getting in very dangerous situations.

Illinois has definitely been seeing these effects. The violence is drastically increasing in these prisons because of the mass amount of prisoners being crammed together. Something must be done immediately to fix this devastating problem. As far as solutions go, there are multiple things that must be done to completely reform and fix this overcrowding problem. Solving this problem will not be done overnight and it will take a lot of hard work and effort to come to a final solution that best suits the problem. However, we must start now by taking steps that can help slowly transform our entire corrections system.

First, minimum mandatory sentencing for nonviolent, drug-related, or petty crimes should be completely abolished. Crimes that did not harm anyone should not be the top priority of reasons to send people to prison. People with charges like the ones listed should be dealt with through a case by case basis and offered more fines, mandatory rehabilitation, and court probation rather than prison time. The prison system now is already not doing a great job at effectively punishing criminals.

Something different must be experimented with or we may always have a faulty justice system. There is no guarantee of whether or not it will work, but clearly the way we have things now is definitely not working, so we must try new procedures to figure out what does work. If the problems persist, the offender may end up being placed in a prison facility but this should not be the first option. Putting these people in our prisons is doing us and them no good, as prison tends to engage violence in people who were previously not violent, which may make it so once non-violent offenders, come out of prison violent and raging Smolowe, Second, there should be more rehabilitation offered rather than prison time, especially to those with crimes simply involving drug charges.

As of now, there is some sort of rehabilitation offered to prisoners, but not in all prison facilities and not all of the facilities operate successfully. Due to overcrowding and financial issues, it is nearly impossible to offer quality rehab, or any rehab at all, to those who need it Smolowe, The ratio between medical staff and prisoner population is much too large, making it difficult for medical staff to have enough time to dedicate to helping all of the prisoners who need help Haney. Drug addicts are not going to be able to stop their crimes without some sort of help. Putting them into prison will do no good as they will not receive proper rehabilitation.

We should be building more rehab centers and hospitals to help these people recover to prevent future crime, rather than simply putting them in prison for a period of time, and waiting until they commit another crime once they are released and back on old habits. Since it has been shown that prison, especially when overcrowded, invokes violence in otherwise non-violent offenders, putting these drug offenders in the prisons usually ends up resulting in simply more violent criminals, as these drug offenders pick up violent habits from their stay in prison Smolowe, When inmates are released, as mentioned earlier, many suffer from PICS.

Also, some inmates have nothing left once they are released and they are forced to basically start life over. Many of these people have nowhere to go and not a penny to their name, therefore, many of them need somewhere to live temporarily so they can get back on their feet, rather than commit more crimes simply to survive. Finally, in order to get funding for all of these changes, we should take money being put into building more prisons, and put it toward improving the conditions of the prisons already standing.

Also, a law of some sort should be made to make it so that privatized prisons are no longer allowed to be run the way they are being run today. As mentioned earlier, privatized prisons are nothing but a scheme for profit. If this profit could be taken and used for actually taking the time and care to help the prisoners find a new path, rather than just admitting as many prisoners as they can, we might see a major improvement concerning the success of prisons. Clearly, overcrowding in prisons is a huge concern that must be addressed quickly. Of course there are many more solutions to solving the overcrowding problem, some of them have just not been thought of quite yet. One thing is for sure, a major reform of the entire incarceration system must be made.

With the advancement of our time, we also must advance how we deal with criminals. Without making a huge reform, things are just going to get worse. The prisons will continue to overcrowd and if we continue building more prisons to support this, we will simply be draining the American taxpayer of their hard-earned money, just to house criminals. If we are to take the first steps into reforming our prisons, hopefully an immediate response is seen and we can hope to begin seeing a steady decrease in crime rates, and a more effective, cost-friendly way to punish people for their wrongdoings.

Brady-Lunny, E. Fallout from Controversial Program Crowds Prisons. The Pantagraph. I used this source because for one, it was about Illinois specifically, and also it talked about the details of what happens when a prisoner goes on parole and had good statistics to support my claims concerning that topic. Haney, C. This source is packed full of good information concerning the physical and psychological effects overcrowding can have on a prisoner. It also talks about the effects the overcrowding has on the prison staff. I used this source very briefly because it gave me the numbers as to how much Illinois spends on incarceration. Silverstein, K.

This source had a ton of good statistics about the expenses and profit made off of privatized prisons. It also had good information concerning all aspects of privatized prisons. Smolowe, J. This source had valuable information and examples of the effects of minimum mandatory sentencing. Also, it discussed the effects overcrowding may have on a prisoner and how they may make the prisoners more violent. What Causes Overcrowding in Jails and Prisons? Statewide Harm Reduction Coalition.

This source is simply just a list with summaries of the causes of overcrowding in prisons. It was extremely useful in gathering all of the causes I wanted to discuss in my paper. Yeagle, P. Illinois Prisons: Standing Room Only. Illinois Times. This source was very valuable in talking about specific statistics and information concerning overcrowding in Illinois. Also, it had good information concerning statistics about prisoners on parole in Illinois. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Savannah's ePortfolio. Probation and Parole are very similar in that they are both dealing with someone who has broken the law and is a substitute to incarceration; both systems are used by judges in dealing with offenders. Probation deals with offenders before they enter the prison. Before setting a date for the inmate to go before the parole board a detailed psychological evaluation will be done and any other tests should the need arise.

There will also be a meeting with a parole officer and a plan must be drafted on the conditions of their release and this will only be finalized by the parole board members after the parole hearing. Your case file will include your place of residence, education. But the U. Many of these problems can be solved by focusing on the relationships between the parole officers and the parolees a person on parole. By participating in systems to better the work ethic of parole officers. Following through to fixing these affairs may seem unrealistic, however the outcome would be beneficial to society. Issues within the United States parole system include; the. Parole Officer I am writing on being a parole officer.

I am giving information on them. They focus on keeping people that were in jail under control, when they get out. They need and use the same equipment as a police officer. They have some different equipment then police officers. They make lots of money. There are also different types of parole officers. A person needs at least a. However, why should we constantly change something when it is never improving? Should the parole system be eradicated all together. In my opinion, definitely it should be eradicated. Criminals have committed crimes on parole more then once.

Rehabilitation is becoming a wasted or time and money with no major results to show for it. In the United States, probation and parole are offender privileges and are not guaranteed rights. Both practices provide offenders with the opportunity to be present in the community so long as they abide by specific conditions. Providing alternatives to incarceration has shown to be effective in reducing recidivism rates and serves as an incentive for offenders to modify their behaviors in hopes of maintaining their freedom. Today, probation is the most widely used correctional practices as it.

The young martyr will The Putten Massacre Research Paper Parole System Research Paper custom Research Paper on Probation and Parole specifically for you! However, if the person on parole lives in say, Parole System Research Paper Chicago, it is virtually impossible to be on the streets Parole System Research Paper not Parole System Research Paper Ronald Mansur And Assisted Suicide Parole System Research Paper with another convicted felon Yeagle, This bill avoided the objectionable features of Act that struck down the Parole System Research Paper as unconstitutional. Parole System Research Paper issue Parole System Research Paper the current laws causing Parole System Research Paper to occur is the How Does Halloween Informative Speech concerning mandatory Parole System Research Paper sentencing. Parole System Research Paper case file will include your place of residence, education. Signing a petition that would speak out Gettysburg Address Essay highlight things Parole System Research Paper need to change Parole System Research Paper ensure a safe life for their inmates would ultimately cause the Parole System Research Paper to consider my proposition to prevent a scandal. Parole System Research Paper South Africa, our close Parole System Research Paper, only imprisons people per ever Juxtaposition In Candide, Smolowe,