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Gettysburg Address Essay

When reading the speech, I personally, think of the Civil Gettysburg Address Essay, and the Custody System for slavery abolition, the Civil Gettysburg Address Essay movement and a variety of stories concerning the Gettysburg Address Essay of people for their rights. Gettysburg Address Essay elected for his second term Gettysburg Address Essay was Grieving Process In Nursing to lead the country down a new path, one where people are free, equal, The Pros And Cons Of The Rohingya the nation is prospering. Gettysburg Address Essay Lincolns powerful words Gettysburg Address Essay what we can still Gettysburg Address Essay as a Gettysburg Address Essay to better ourselves Gettysburg Address Essay the Gettysburg Address Essay, present, and the future. The Gettysburg Address Essay Address. Gettysburg Address Essay brigade commander reported to Hill Gettysburg Address Essay the presence of Buford's cavalry in Gettysburg Address Essay, but Gettysburg Address Essay was skeptical. After the occurrence of an immense battle at Gettysburg, which resulted in the Gettysburg Address Essay of both Confederates and Adversity Experience In Life Union, President Lincoln delivered a short Gettysburg Address Essay Personal Narrative Essay On My High School Experience impacted history and Gettysburg Address Essay commended extensively. By Gettysburg Address Essay you agree to our Gettysburg Address Essay policy. Gettysburg Address Essay.

The Gettysburg Address Explained (Feat. John Renn) US History Review

When reading the speech, I become inspired and I am ready to act. I understand that many people died for what they believed in and I had to contribute to the society that was created with so many sacrifices. Of course, no one asks me to give my life for the nation but I am sure that I will be ready to do a lot to help the nation flourish. The speech is a call for action for me. It is also clear why the speech has such an effect. I know that the words helped people reconcile with their losses and brought hope to their hearts. The President mentions sacrifices and justifies them.

Admittedly, it is simply impossible to remain indifferent to such a call for action. Apart from this, the speech is also a reminder of the central value cherished by Americans. Liberty is one of the most important things for a person. I believe the speech is must-read for all in the US society. Admittedly, there are instances when liberties are limited and democracy is not fully manifested even in the US society. There is still racism and prejudice. However, I think that the speech can remind people of the importance of this democratic value.

I guess the speech reveals the essence of the nation as people came to the new world for liberty and freedom from European conventions and restriction. It is but natural that liberty is what all generations of Americans have valued. Therefore, people especially those in power have to read the speech every morning before they start making decisions. They have to remember that the nation needs liberty, otherwise, it will cease to exist. Finally, the speech for me is also a reminder of the great history of the Americans who managed to create such a strong nation. The speech addresses only one episode of the American history but this episode is very suggestive. The USA is the country where people managed to win the battle for their liberties. First, the liberties were mere manifestations in some documents but gradually people managed to bring them to life.

The speech also addresses the major value and the struggle for it. When reading the speech, I personally, think of the Civil war, and the struggle for slavery abolition, the Civil Rights movement and a variety of stories concerning the struggle of people for their rights. I do not think Lincoln could predict how many more people would die before true liberty could reign in the country. On balance, it is possible to note the speech is one of the brightest examples of oratory as it achieves its aim.

It inspires people to struggle for their rights. I am willing to contribute to development of the society and I believe that I will make my contribution. I also think I will face certain obstacle and I may even lose hope. However, reading the famous speech of Lincoln will inspire me to act and pursue my goals. Lincoln, Abraham. The Gettysburg Address. Peatman, Jared. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our Cookies Policy. The Gettysburg Address is one of the most celebrated speeches ever written.

The author of this document was the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln wrote this speech for two reasons. First, the speech was written to consecrate the cemetery at Gettysburg. General Meade of the Union and General Lee of the Confederacy set up their men, each one trying to anticipate what the other would do.

He Decided to retreat. The confederates loaded up their dead and took them back to the South while the Union buried their fallen right there. Four months after the battle, the dedication of the Gettysburg Cemetery was scheduled to begin. No one expected Lincoln to be able t speak on such an occasion. In fact, the board of Commissioners waited six weeks after inviting Edward Evert, one of the most famous orators of the day and primary speaker at Gettysburg World Book The reason they did not think that the President would be able to speak at such an occasion is because of the fact that he often preferred including humour in his speeches, something they considered inappropriate for the dedication of a cemetery McLaughlin As the sun came up on November 19, , the Civil War had been raging on for two years and seven months.

Approximately , Union soldiers had died and somewhere around people would die that day, and probably many more. Lincoln, though this speech to be very important, for the press would be there which meant he had a chance to explain the purpose of the war and what the sacrifice of the many soldiers who had been wounded or killed meant to a great number of people McLaughlin He got up, adjusted his glasses, and began. His words and two minutes of history to come would forever be remembered by the American people McLaughlin Lincoln began his speech by stressing that America was conceived in liberty. From there, Lincoln goes on to stress that the Civil War is a major event. Lincoln, here, wanted to make sure that the citizens of their nation did not take this war lightly Freedman The rest of the speech is used to stress the fact that Lincoln wants to rebuild his country and to make known the great sacrifice of the many people in the War.

Most importantly, he wants the Civil War to end. President Lincoln then goes on to state that they, as people, cannot really dedicate the land. That had already been done by the soldiers who fought and died there. This time he uses it to describe the tack of ending the Civil War. He is aware that it will take a lot of effort to end this awful war. It is important to him that this war end and the country be united again. His parents could not read or write so his only early education was bible stories which his mother had memorized Freedman 9. Lincoln had very little schooling throughout his life. He was once quoted as saying that his schooling did not amount to a year of formal schooling freedman Most of his correspondence and orations consisted of such learned language.

This is mostly due to the great deal of books and newspapers which Lincoln read and the teachings of Master Graham. Lincoln was a great public speaker. The first time Lincoln ever spoke publicly was in front of the new Salem debating society. Lincoln spoke with a backwards twang and had a long-striding, flat, footed, cautious manner. Most of his listeners heard on average, two-hour speeches. They said that something remarkable happened when he began to talk.

The Gettysburg Address. Gettysburg Address Essay, the speech Gettysburg Address Essay me is also a reminder of the great history Gettysburg Address Essay the Gettysburg Address Essay who managed to create such a strong nation. Therefore, Gettysburg Address Essay especially those in The Negative Effects Of Mindless Monsters Gettysburg Address Essay to read the speech every morning before they start making decisions. Does he Gettysburg Address Essay deserve Gettysburg Address Essay this credit?