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Suspense Story Examples

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I was pushed hard against the wall. And soon after a hand came up to my throat and choked me hard. I felt myself fading. And then someone slapped me and forced me on the floor. What came next were a series of kicks, the remembrance of the memory made me feel the pain again. And then I heard a woman screaming and then a gun shot………. I just wanted to know why she did all those horrible things to my father and me. Nonetheless, with great difficulty, I mustered up the courage and walked it. I slowly approached the help-desk.

A woman in bright colours, something that highly contrasted with the environment sat there, she looked somewhat jovial and dull at the same time. She looked up at me with her bright blue eyes and gave me a mischievous smile, something I found really irritating. I approached her. I saw her scribbling something on a piece of paper. She kept murmuring to herself and kept scribbling something, and for some reason that got me really angry. But before my anger was about to burst….

And for some reason I obeyed her and walked out of the prison complex. I went to a park over-looking Van Gogh Museum, sat on a swing and unfolded the dirty chit of paper in my hand. The handwriting was nearly illegible as if the she wrote it with great difficulty. I know what they told you about me but I want you to know that whatever I did, it was all for you. I just need you to think hard, really hard this time, my child. And without wasting anymore time, I went back home and crawled over my bed. That night I had a very strange dream. And then I heard a woman screaming and then a gun shot, it was the exact same memory that always played in my mind but there was something different about it this time.

And then I knew what it was………. I woke up in the middle of the night and dialled the number of Bijlmerbajes. This cannot happen. This is not possible! I kept thinking myself. After three trials, a man picked it up. The paragraph structure of this extract is one of the key elements the author has used to create suspense. Here the reader knows very little about the situation facing Knight and are left asking questions but also wanting to know more, such as who the character Knight is, why he is in a battle with nature and how dangerous the situation might be for him.

In the second paragraph the author is feeding the reader images of the surroundings, which helps with further understanding into Knights situation. Here Hardy is careful to give only a detailed image of what Knight can see as well as his feelings, which then makes it apparent to the reader that he is dangling off of a cliff edge, which keeps the suspense high as the reader wants to find out how this has happened and what the future holds for Knight. The third paragraph allows the reader to relate to the character in his feelings, but does not give an indication of Knights fate further holding up the suspense.

Hardy is not only able to maintain the suspense, but also build it up throughout the extract in the way he has given the reader a description of the setting through images of the ongoing situation. An example of this insight is in the first paragraph. It is here you are left wondering if Knight will in fact join the fossilized animal in death. But with the additional use of Imagery to let the reader paint a mental picture of the setting, third person narration allowing a further understanding of the setting and inevitability of the character.

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