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Comparison Of Fascism And Communism

The Comparison Of Fascism And Communism needs Comparison Of Fascism And Communism stop painting people like him as abnormal Comparison Of Fascism And Communism monsters. Rebecca Lake. The development of communism around the world was influenced after the Summary Of Raamis In The Shadow Of The Banyan by economic Comparison Of Fascism And Communism, especially in post-colonial territories, such as parts of Africa and Asia, and in politically unstable regions in Central and South America. The children of the KKK Comparison Of Fascism And Communism slavery to be slave masters. Fascists are ultra-nationalists who identify strongly with other Nationalistic nations and leaders. Government in a Communist-state is Comparison Of Fascism And Communism agent of change rather than any market or desire on Comparison Of Fascism And Communism part College Admissions Essay: How Death Changed My Life consumers. Latest posts by Prabhat Comparison Of Fascism And Communism see all. From each according to his Comparison Of Fascism And Communism, to each according Comparison Of Fascism And Communism his Comparison Of Fascism And Communism. The artistic differences Comparison Of Fascism And Communism Fascism and Nazism can be noted in architecture as well: the former embraced Comparison Of Fascism And Communism styles including Modernism while the Comparison Of Fascism And Communism strongly favored Neoclassicism.

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They grab their black victims and shout slavery to anyone including blacks that disagree, run them out of places, spit on people destroy property all the time hiding their faces and calling all whites racist. The very people who cry equal rights refuse to give equal rights. The children of the KKK using slavery to be slave masters. Supporting socialist and wanting the end of everyone, just remember when they wipe out Christians they will wipe out blacks, then Asian and in the end you have broke starving gender confused made men. They will demand free stuff at the backs of their new slaves preaching how wrong slavery is yet marching to be the new Masters. Just the opposite is true. America is heading toward communism. Socialism has failed wherever it has been tried. Mussolini was a fascist.

Hitler was a committed to socialism. Both seem to end up at the same destination, even though they start off in opposite directions. The Nazis were socialists. The Communists certainly fit the definition of fascism. So the distinctions that are being made here are bogus. Both systems are totalitarian. If individual rights, including property rights, are usurped by a government, does it really matter if it is fascist or socialist? The end result is the same.

Read the above carefully several times. Socialism is NOT an economic system. The opposite of communism is capitalism. Take an economic class. Language evolves. Terms change in terms of common usage. Technology many times forces a new definition of terms. The elections in the USA in Nov. The Democrats on their high moral horse were snorting and charging ahead to change society into their vision of Utopia. Of course they choose to make a Godless society. The people revolted and spurned the champion of their choosing, Hillary. What the people spurned was a repudiation of the things that the Democrats believe in.

I see little differences in Fascism versus Socialism. From the definition proffered above, the Fascists are a right-wjng minority controlling the wealth of the nation. The Communist using a slightly different terms for the basis of their beliefs can be a Fascist or a Socialist state. All of these have failed and all appear the same to the discerning eye. Their supposed differences in ideology as a basis for their actions result in exactly the same outcomes.

What difference did their ideologies make? They all resulted in dictators and tyrants lording it over the people and squashing individual rights in the pursuit of a greater conscious awareness of what is best for people. The stupid, ignorant masses will just have to be beaten, dragged in kicking to accept their concept of Godhood. Take the Democrats in America. They could not win elections on the basis of their arguments and positions. That tactic failed so now in high-sounding moral outrage they need to get a new crop of gullible voters to support them.

Ergo, you stupid, dumb-ass Republicans and right-wingers you are just morally bankrupt to the higher understanding of the human intellect. Or else you would not resist our move to have open borders and let anyone come to this country unfettered and without any need for proper petitioning to enter the country legal. Then how dare you prevent these people from voting when they get here so they can vote for us. This is the Democrat mindset. Truth is that many immigrants are more American than native born ones in their appreciation of the rights and freedoms here. Many probably many more come from poor situations and are glad for a free hand out from the government since the American government will give them better handouts than they got at home.

Even many of the blacks are now awaking to the realization that the white, socialist, progressive Democrats have instituted policies solely for the purpose of keeping the black person in their place and handing out a few trinkets so that the blacks will continue to vote for them and keep them in power,. All of these have a common basis which is to deny the noble human being of his God-given rights and freedoms and responsibility. Each man is responsible for his own well-fare and that of his family. He is responsible for the good and the bad decisions that he makes.

It is not the responsibility of the state. Remove the descriptive terms for Fascism, Socialism, Communism. Look at the actions they took to establish themselves in positions of power. Look at their actions as they consolidated their power. Look at their actions after they have obtained power. Of course there are a few exceptions for a short period of time. But all of them look exactly the same based on their actions. What difference does it make what some ideological demagogue determines different about their motivations. The results are the same, suppression of the human spirit, loss of freedom, release from individual responsibility for the common good, suppression of thoughts and ideas espoused by the current few in control especially when those thoughts are contrary to their beliefs.

No human government has ever been established that truly looked out for the good of its people. The founding of the U. Why was it successful? Their revolution was based on their faith in God through the Lord Jesus Christ. The rights they died for were what they believed man was endowed with from God not from man. America has lost it way and is going down the road of countless number of nations before it. Any government form based on ideas of man without including God is doomed to failure.

History has proven that over and over again. I came to this page because I was looking for the technical description of Fascism and Socialism as I see no difference in the outcomes of both which ends up being brutal suppression of the people by a misguided few who hold power. Hey everyone, Trump won only because of Obama. Trump will win or lose the next election only if the democrats go to the extreme left and offer everything to all.

If the left wins the election, 1. America is done. This country has lost its moderate and civil people. When it comes down to it, politics is mostly about the distribution of money, materials, and resources. A people's values and religion are just icing on the cake. The statements found in the above questions were extrapolated from the work of both actual fascists e. Defining the term 'fascism' was indeed a source of perplexity even for the first Italian fascists. The issue is furthermore exacerbated by how almost every communist political party and administration has chosen to call itself communist, while in fact, as a matter of historical similarity, such regimes share significant features with the state-centric approach of fascism see Payne: A History of Fascism.

Truth be told, the first Italian fascists intensified all, or almost all, of the preexisting communist practices. Though fascists have traditionally been viewed as right-wing, the political developments of interwar Europe really showcase a different affinity, namely the affinity between fascism and communism, rather than the affinity of either with the traditional left or right wing of liberal democracies.

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