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Sweet Pea Short Story

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When Russo-Young. Dow 30 34, Nasdaq 14, Russell 2, Crude Oil Gold 1, Then again, maybe she won't. Each tick of the old clock her grandmother made marks another moment of her indecisiveness. She stands, suddenly overcome with the desire to see her mother. She takes an old scarf she knitted years ago and walks out the back door, shutting it softly behind her. She hikes through the woods, stopping to pick some marigolds and lilies - "flowers for the dead" as her mother taught her. Each step she takes towards the place where her mother sleeps brings back more memories.

Memories of the wo of them melting down beeswax to make candles. Memories of her mother's hands on top of her own, guiding her as she stitches closed a hole in her skirt. Memories of her mother teaching her how to find the patterns in the stars that form constellation, and memories of her mother telling her stories each night as she went to sleep. Eventually, she gets to the grove where her mother lies and pauses outside, observing the stillness and the calm. Now that she's here, Pea almost doesn't want to go in, but she does anyway, stepping over the sprouting daffodils she planted last spring and under the branches of the birch trees that form a tapestry, a roof over her head.

The birch trees have been here forever. The grove feels ancient to Pea. The pale bark on the trees seems to glow in the soft light. She sits by her resting place - she doesn't like to call it a grave, and puts the flowers on top of the rock she placed to mark it, and tears run down her cheeks. Even now, the loss of her mother is an ache in her heart, though it's duller now than it was when her mother first left her. She misses her mother, but knows better than to ask her to come back. She arranges the flowers so they look nicer, and then leaves the grove.

There's too much sadness there - too many memories. The past is a pool that's easy to drown in. By the time she gets back, the sun is setting, so she stands and lights some of the beeswax candles she made, murmuring a little prayer each time she lights one - "to keep away the shadows", as her mother told her. She finds a wheel of cheese and a loaf of crusty bread in the pantry, and eats some of it for dinner.

She goes outside one more time, to watch the fireflies and the moon and check on her bees, their buzzing soft now, before going to her living room and lying on the couch, resting her head on her arm. Tomorrow, she may go to the place where the blackberries grow wild and pick some to make a jam, or she may gather mushrooms from where they grow in the shade. Right now, it doesn't matter. She listens to the music of the wind and watches the shadows the pinpricks of starlight make on her wooden floor and fades into the quiet darkness. You must sign up or log in to submit a comment. Over 1 million authors trust the professionals on Reedsy, come meet them. Sweet Pea Submitted into Contest 37 in response to: Write a story that takes place in the woods.

Mushroom Flammulina Velutipes. Mushroom Flammulina Velutipes 28 submissions.

The future is Sweet Pea Short Story, but she can catch glimpses of it through her minds eye. Many thanks for your support for Sweet Pea Short Story, Great read as always, Emma-claire. However, his hatred for them seems too run deeper Essay About Jacks Death In Lord Of The Flies most, resulting Sweet Pea Short Story several violent encounters with the Sweet Pea Short Story Bulldogs and the Red Circle.