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Persepolis Totalitarianism

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Persepolis (Brief Summary)

Sony Pictures Classics announced a deal for the new animated feature adaptation of Satrapi's book of the same name. Satrapi's parents, who once lived in luxury despite their politics, struggle to educate their daughter. Her father briefly considers fleeing to America , only to realize the price would be too great. Iron Maiden, Nikes and Michael Jackson become precious symbols of freedom, and eventually Satrapi's rebellious streak puts her in danger, as even educated women are threatened with beatings for improper attire.

Despite the grimness, Satrapi never lapses into sensationalism or sentimentality. Skillfully presenting a child's view of war and her own shifting ideals, she also shows quotidian life in Tehran and her family's pride and love for their country despite the tumultuous times. Powerfully understated, this work joins other memoirs-Spiegelman's Maus and Sacco's Safe Area Goradze-that use comics to make the unthinkable familiar. The animated version of this fascinating story is to be released in The work which will require nearly a titanic total of 2 Million drawings for the animation will be joined by a prestigious cast of French Stars who will do the voice overs : Catherine Deneuve, daughter Chiara Mastroiani and veteran French film star Danielle Darrieux Alexander, Cicero Affaire.

Deneuve a great fan of Satrapi commented to a French Magazine Citizen K : " Marjane Satrapi is probably my favorite writer of fiction, I love her work and this mixture of black and white which is so graphically stunning. I like her wit and this mixture of despair, humor and solitude. I love all her books. He supported faiths and religions of his empire as long as the believers were submissive and peaceful. Persepolis is a graphic memoir of Marjane Satrapi. The book has received multiple accolades and citations for its realistic and well-written script as well as its commitment against totalitarianism. Satrapi writes and draws of her life during the war between Iran and Iraq. It has both literal and symbolic meanings hidden among the drawings, as it also shows the hardships she faced in other countries and even, at times, in her home country of Iran.

Satrapi uses symbolism, anecdotes, and a strong motif of the unfair treatment and view of Iranians to help create a deep, true, …show more content… This symbolism and connection of previous events and pages happens very often in Persepolis, and this is what gives the reader something much deeper to really think about while reading the book. These personal stories give the story more depth captivate the reader. Many side stories that are relevant to the current situation are included, as are characters that the book could have been fine without. However, it is the mentioning of these occurrences that shows the true story.

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Lastly when Jane decides to spend the rest of her life taking care of Mr. Rochester, Jane takes it in stride and calls herself blessed. This is why I believe Jane is probably the most inspiring character that I have ever read about. I hope to have as much strength and integrity as she has constantly throughout trials and…. She focuses only on her comfort by making sure nothing changes around and attempts everything to not let change happen. Which is a trait she may have developed from her father. Dimmesdale has done little to nothing for her, and yet she still chooses that helping him is her best option. As a woman, she also shows strong confidence especially as a mother.

Read Persepolis Totalitarianism. Words: - Pages: 4. Semantics and language Persepolis Totalitarianism the Persepolis Totalitarianism of the Persepolis Totalitarianism depicted Persepolis Totalitarianism The Persepolis Totalitarianism by Lois Lowry.