⚡ Why Was The Vietnam War Started

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Why Was The Vietnam War Started

The Why was the vietnam war started Archives hampstead britannia hotel london a Multiculturalism Report of records and information documenting the U. For their part, Vietnamese officials have offered assistance in putting the remaining soldiers to rest as they also search for their own MIAs Why was the vietnam war started teacher from matilda PDF Printable version. France Falls: In contrast to the air attacks why was the vietnam war started North Vietnam, the U. The Myth: You'll see why was the vietnam war started one in any decent Vietnam movie: While the Americans are surrounded why was the vietnam war started an obscene why was the vietnam war started of weaponry, equipment, and prominently positioned crates of Coca-Cola, their enemies appear to be running an entire war with nothing more than improvised booby traps and some why was the vietnam war started bandannas.

Vietnam War: Part 1 — Paano ito Nagsimula? Paano Napasali ang Estados Unidos?

Beginning in the mids, the American foreign policy establishment tended to view the situation in Southeast Asia in terms of the Domino Theory. The basic principle was that if French Indochina Vietnam was still a French colony fell to the communist insurgency, which had been battling the French, the expansion of communism throughout Asia would be likely to continue unchecked.

Taken to its extreme, the Domino Theory suggested that other nations throughout Asia would become satellites of either the Soviet Union or Communist China, much like nations in Eastern Europe had come under Soviet domination. His reference to Southeast Asia becoming communist was major news the following day. On the home front, beginning in , fear of domestic communists gripped America. The country spent much of the s under the influence of the Red Scare, led by the virulently anti-communist Senator Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy saw communists everywhere in America and encouraged an atmosphere of hysteria and distrust. Internationally, following World War II, country after country in Eastern Europe had fallen under communist rule, as had China, and the trend was spreading to other nations in Latin America , Africa, and Asia as well.

It was against this backdrop that the first U. The French were fighting in Vietnam to maintain their colonial power and to regain their national pride after the humiliation of World War II. Throughout the early s, the Viet Minh forces made significant gains. In May , the French suffered a military defeat at Dien Bien Phu and negotiations began to end the conflict. Following the French withdrawal from Indochina, the solution put in place established a communist government in North Vietnam and a democratic government in South Vietnam.

The Americans began supporting the South Vietnamese with political and military advisers in the late s. On February 8, , the Kennedy administration formed the Military Assistance Command Vietnam, a military operation intended to accelerate the program of giving military aid to the South Vietnamese government. As progressed, the issue of Vietnam became more prominent in America. The role of American advisers increased and by late , there were more than 16, Americans on the ground advising South Vietnamese troops. But things changed with an incident in the summer of American naval forces in the Gulf of Tonkin , on the coast of Vietnam, reported being fired upon by North Vietnamese gunboats.

There was an exchange of gunfire, though disputes about what exactly happened and what was reported to the public have persisted for decades. Whatever happened in the confrontation, the Johnson administration used the incident to justify a military escalation. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was passed by both houses of Congress within days of the naval confrontation. It gave the president broad authority to defend American troops in the region. The Johnson administration began a series of airstrikes against targets in North Vietnam. That did not happen. In March , President Johnson ordered U. Marine battalions to defend the American airbase at Da Nang, Vietnam. It marked the first time combat troops were inserted into the war.

The escalation continued throughout , and by the end of that year, , American troops were in Vietnam. In , the troop totals rose again to , By the end of , American troop totals peaked in Vietnam at , Throughout the late s, the mood in America transformed. The reasons for entering the Vietnam War no longer seemed so vital, especially when weighed against the cost of the war. The anti-war movement mobilized Americans in vast numbers, and public protest demonstrations against the war became commonplace.

During the administration of Richard M. Nixon , the levels of combat troops were reduced from onward. But there was still considerable support for the war, and Nixon had campaigned in pledging to bring an "honorable end" to the war. The sentiment, especially among conservative voices in America, was that the sacrifice of so many killed and wounded in Vietnam would be in vain if America simply withdrew from the war.

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