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Unk Clinic Observation reported Unk Clinic Observation of death was Heart attack. According to family members, he Unk Clinic Observation to Unk Clinic Observation unwell that Unk Clinic Observation, cold Unk Clinic Observation, high fever, dehydration. Time of Unk Clinic Observation called at Autopsy performed. The patient underwent lab tests and procedures which included Nasal Swab: negative on calcium carbonate and hydrochloric acid reaction Concomitant Unk Clinic Observation included D3 2 Unk Clinic Observation a Unk Clinic Observation, folic acid, Unk Clinic Observation, and calcium citrate.

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Urine and strep antigens are negative. HIV-1 also negative. Rheum consulted for hx of lupus. They did not feel this was lupus pneumonitis. Pts resp status continued to decline. Despite neg cultures pt was given multiple rounds of abx including vanc, merrem, azithromycin, cefepime, without benefit. IV steroids added for possible reactive pneumonitis. Pt with shock, likely multifactorial including septic and cardiogenic.

Multiple pressors maximized and BP remained low. Nephro following for worsening renal function. CRRT initiated to attempt to correct electrolyte and acidosis. Pt did not tolerate CRRT after several adjustments by neprho, pts electrolytes continued to drift from normal. Hgb dropped and CRRT held. Efforts terminated. Patient pronounced deceased at am. Outside of supportive therapy at home, he was not treated and was not hospitalized and he recovered within a few weeks.

At or near p, on April 9th, approximately 12 hours after the vaccine was given, while out at a restaurant with family, the patient experienced a medical event, what appears to be an acute coronary event and died. One week later, March 20, , she started complaining of severe headaches, dizziness and vomiting. This continued so she visited the ER on Wednesday, March 24, , where she suffered a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis.

She was pronounced brain dead on March 27, , which is also the same day she was pronounced dead. COVID19 negative. Viral respiratory panel negative. CT negative for pulmonary embolism and showed bilateral infiltrates. He was initially stable in the hospital on LPM The following evening he became febrile and acutely developed asystole without any pre-existing arrhythmia. Resuscitation was attempted for 45 minutes but unsuccessful.

Overall, I suspect his death was related to bacterial pneumonia and resulting acute respiratory failure, complicated by his quadriplegia and autonomic dysreflexia but reported this event as it did occur within 2 days of receiving his 2nd Moderna vaccination. A rented scoter was next to him. There was no sign of trauma. He remained unresponsive and was intubated when the paramedics arrived. He was transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead. Trop 0.

COVID neg. PTT BNP No PMH, was healthy prior to vaccine. She had no PMH, we suspect the vaccine made her hypercoagulable. Had pleuritic CP, tachycardia, tachypnea. Her labor was uncomplicated and progressing appropriately. She had sudden onset of coughing following by loss of consciousness. Code blue was called. Despite resuscitative efforts of 1 hour and 15 minutes, the patient expired. No known allergies to medication reported Other allergies unknown 1 Brother called pharmacy on He mentioned that healthcare provider was looking at possible gene mutation in family that may have contributed. The patients wife found him not breathing, called and started CPR. The patient was pronounced deceased at his home and was not transported to hospital. According to family members, he began to feel unwell that evening, cold sweats, high fever, dehydration.

According to family members, he refused to get medical attention. Went to bed. Declared deceased with rigor mortis by EMS. Pt in custody of the coroner for autopsy. None reported. Diagnosed with massive pulmonary embolism. Emergency C-section prerformed by Dr. The EMTs arrived and were able to revive him in the ambulance. When they reached the hospital he was put on life support.

After he coded again in the Emergency room they told me he was without oxygen for too long and was taken off the respirator. He passed away at PM. Lisinopril 1 1 week post vaccination — patient, not responding to albuterol HFA, called , he passed out, was unresponsive, pronounced dead. Resuscitation efforts were terminated by physician in emergency room. Fluids and rest recommended. Endotracheal intubation for respiratory failure. Pt was diagnosed with massive pulmonary embolism, severe shock, acute renal failure ,Diabetic ketoacidosis , hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic coma, acute respiratory failure, patient expried from massive pulmonary embolism within 48 hours after admission.

The cause of death was not reported. It is unknown if an autopsy was performed. The reporter does not remember if this was from Pfizer or Moderna. Concomitant product us e was not provided. This case concerns death of a 30 year old female 30 minutes after the administration of the mRNA vaccine. Patient is reported to have no underlying issue. Based on the current available information which includes a strong temporal association between the use of mRNA vaccine and onset of the reported events, causal relationship cannot be excluded. Death occurred on Apr The patient died on Apr No concomitant medications were reported. No treatment medications were reported. Very limited information regarding this event has been provided at this time. The ADR did not occur at the time of administration of the vaccine nor was there an ADR that occurred between the observation period and the date of death.

No scanned records. No autopsy results available. She asked her boyfriend for her blood pressure cuff so she could take her blood pressure. As he was getting it she told him to call and then her eyes rolled back in her head and she stopped breathing. Paramedics attempted to revive her but were unsuccessful. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. Cause of death listed as heart disease. Patient became unconscious and EMS was called, found patient on floor and she was brought to ED where CT revealed intracranial hemorrhage. Patient was admitted and supportive care given. I know that this patient has an extensive medical history, he uses a wheelchair.

I was told that this patient was feeling sick for a couple of weeks. A friend visited him within the last couple days and he had a migraine headache. When they went to check on him today they found him deceased in his chair. Further investigation would be needed. Patient placed on ECMO and imaging revealed bilateral large pulmonary embolism as likely etiology of arrest. Risk factors included oral contraceptive use. Labs have since confirmed absence of Factor V leiden or prothrombin gene mutation.

He woke up suddenly, said he needed help, and then was gone. Buproprion-XL mg extended release tablet daily? Folic acid 1 mg tablet daily? Docusate mg twice daily? Gabapentin mg twice daily? Hydrocodone-APAP mg 1 tablet every 6 hours as needed. Hydromorphone 8 mg table by mo? Dysthymic disorder? Records from local hospital are unavailable, unclear regarding cause of death and circumstances thereforth. Unknown Unknown Patient denies allergies during verbal interview.

EMS called and patient was pronounced dead at scene. Multiple pulmonary thrombi. On Sunday, March 21st, had to be called as his seizure did not end. He had a grand male. He was seizing for several hours. At the time this was all occurring he has been on anti seizure meds for a few years Divalproex mg am and mgs pm daily. He passed 1 week later, March 28 at approx pm at the Clinic. I am unable to get any information on his medical report for that week. Statement from his Nurologists is on second page. While he had a known history of seizures, he had no clear trigger for these seizures; including that his valproic acid level was therapeutic He did have an elevated ProBNP His only D-dimer was obtained on March 23 and was He did not have a CT angiogram or venogram.

Overall the link between the vaccine and pt. At the same time, the similarity with the reported cases has led to me wanting to report it in case of the possible link. Patient was not pregnant. Medical history included Metastatic breast cancer. Work-up revealed like thrombotic microangiopathy although etiology unclear. Patient eventually died of this acute presentation. Patient hospitalized for 5 days. Date of Death was on 09Apr Death cause: Death certificate stated metastatic breast cancer. No autopsy performed. Therapeutic measures were taken as a result of events included plasmapheresis, steroids, antibiotics. The patient underwent lab tests and procedures which included Nasal Swab: negative on 05Apr The outcome of the events was fatal.

Any safety concern identified as part of this review, as well as any appropriate action in response, will be promptly notified to RAs, Ethics Committees, and Investigators, as appropriate. Symptoms were unchanged tues morning She died Tuesday between am and pm. She was found unresponsive at pm when husband returned home for lunch. Autopsy results still pending. Took recommended dose of Tylenol. Was still feeling poor at 1am but coherent and talking, not thinking that it was serious enough to warrant going to hospital, as he believed it was just a bad headache and the vomiting was from the headache. Code continued for 50 minutes, no shock advised. PEA, gave Epi X 4.

Normal BS. Considered narcan. Labile blood pressure. Treated with ASA , clear liquid diet and rest. Treated with toradol and Zofran. Normal for her exam. Felt dizzy and then passed out, hitting her head, became pulseless an apneic and was coded for over an hour. This contact was requested by the family. He was found unresponsive on a jogging trail, where he had been jogging, by a third party person. They had called an ambulance and could not revive him. Autopsy pending per family. The deceased was found dead at p. Husband stated the patient has a history of 2nd Degree Type 2 heart block, pacemaker placed at the age of 14, and she currently has issues with an eating disorder dx with anorexia. Patient is reported to be approximately pounds at the time of vaccination.

March 8. Monday, 3. Husband stated that the patient did not want to go to her PCP because of her eating disorder. Husband states on Saturday 3. Husband is an Pilot 3. Upon, entering the residence the neighbor found wife lying on the floor unconscious and not breathing. The neighbor notified Husband and called Husband states that the death certification list cardiac arrest, electrolyte imbalance, and heart block, as causes for death.

About a week later, the pain got worse and moved toward his chest. It got so bad, he had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital to find out he had been having a heart attack. Asthma, stomach ulcers. Two rounds epi. Asystole and then went into V-tach. Got shocked once. Then after that has been strip PA asystole. See above for coroner information. Please speak to coroner for further information. He then vomited again the next day and continued to not feel well the next couple of days.

He then stopped answering his phone and was found dead in his car later on that day. Police is investigating the case. During surgery patient became thrombocytopenic and required massive transfusion. Thirteen days after surgery found to have bilateral pulmonary embolisms and deep vein thromboses and placed on anticoagulation. Patient subsequently suffered cardiac arrest and was unable to be resuscitated. He was found at about 8am that morning. Medical history was none, no known allergies. No other concomitant medications in two weeks. No other vaccine in four weeks. The patient experienced heart attack at pm on 06Apr and the event caused patient death. No treatment for the event.

Autopsy results was available. Autopsy remarks: heart attack. The patient died on 06Apr An autopsy was performed and the reported cause of death was heart attack. The event is considered unrelated to suspect drug being rather an incidental occurrence. He died in his sleep on the 24th. He ultimately developed ARDS and succumbed to this illness. Later that afternoon she was taken to an Urgent care, who sent her to the ER for evaluation.

She was diagnosed with a very large blood clot in her leg, spanning from just above the knee to her groin area. They admitted her and began treating her with blood thinners. While undergoing that treatment, her heart stopped 3 times and she had to be resuscitated. They discovered a pulmonary embolism. While removing a large clot from her lungs, the doctor found that her lungs were riddled with hundreds of tiny blood clots. They also said that she was bleeding internally, very heavily, from an unknown location. In all, they gave her 20 units of blood, and none of it stayed in her veins.

The doctor said it seemed to just disintegrate. At that point, her brain and organs had begun shutting down and family made the decision to remove her from life support. She passed away Thursday evening, March 25, She received ACLS measures and alteplase was mixed and administered for pulmonary embolism concern. As per reporter patient was healthy. The patient received covid vaccine ad The batch number was not reported, per procedure no follow up will be requested for this case.

The reported stated that presence of antibodies should be tested before taking the vaccine and taking the vaccine with covid antibodies present can kill. The patient died on an unspecified date with unknown cause of death after vaccination. It was unknown if an autopsy was performed. The action taken with covid vaccine ad This report was serious Death. This event s is considered unassessable. There is no information on any other factors potentially associated with the event s.

Diabetes mellitus, hypertensive and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Then became afebrile. Cerebellopontine angle tumor. Multiple meningioma. Cancer of the Breast [Z Compression of brain stem. Anxiety disorder, generalized [F Anemia [D Arthritis [Z Sulfamethoxazole- confusion. Cephalexin- hives. Ciprofloxacin- nausea and vomiting.

Clindamycin- nausea and vomiting. Grass Pollen. Iron- nausea and vomiting. Latex- rash. Tape Adhesive- rash. Sulfonamide Antibiotics- nausea and vomiting. Was given her first Moderna vaccine that day. ECG demonstrated diffuse ST elevation, troponins negative. He was admitted into isolation, no oxygen needs. Cardiology ruled out STEMI, thought maybe viral pericarditis — but wanted echo done after out of isolation.

Was having shortness of breath day before. Per mom, patient had been laughing and talking the morning before patient passed away. The next day, had difficulty breathing and collapsed. History of blood clots 2 The decedent was found in her bedroom by her daughter. Medical history only includes previous blood clots. Decedent has been complaining of coughing and shortness of breath the past few days. There is no history of drug use. The decedent had a foam cone when found. Medical history included hypothyroidism, anxiety, and chronic migraine ongoing.

The patient had no known food and drug allergies. The patient had no other vaccine in four weeks. The patient died on 14Apr pm of a sudden death. She was found at home unresponsive and pulseless. Efforts at resuscitation were unsuccessful. Her medical history of hypothyroidism, anxiety and chronic migraines do not appear to be contributory. The patient did not receive treatment as reported. The reporter considered the event to be a serious adverse effect SAE. A full autopsy has been performed; the results were pending. At approximately , resident was found pulses and apneic. CPR initiated and resident transferred to medical center. Resident expired ROSC was achieved and pt coded multiple times after.

Pt was treated with heparin gtt. ECHO did not show thrombosis in the heart. CCRT was attempted but pt expired. The batch number was not reported. On an unspecified date, the patient developed a rare blood clot and died within two weeks of getting the Janssen covid vaccine. On an unspecified date, the patient died from unknown cause of death. It was unknown whether autopsy was performed. The outcome of blood clot was not reported. This case, from the same reporter is linked to. Death, Blood clot. No Medical History information was reported. The patient died on Apr The reported cause of death was Stroke. Concomitant medications were not reported.

The patient was not hospitalized prior to or during the stroke. The reporter mentioned that the organs were donated as the patient was on a ventilator. Patient was transferred to Medical Center for heart catheterization. Stat ECHO demonstrated pericardial effusion and concern raised for myopericarditis. Patient subsequently transferred to a different Medical Center for higher level of care. Upon arrival to Medical Center plan was to intubate and take to cath lab for heart biopsy and PA catheter placement.

However, upon intubation patient began to decompensate and subsequently developed cardiac arrest. Despite these efforts the patient continued to have hemodynamic instability and was on high dose vasopressors epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine, angiotensin II, vasopressin. He was pronounced dead several hours later. Patient had no health issues and was 45 years old. Autopsy was done. He had severe headache afterwards, dizzy and blurred vision.

Had fever and chills when he came to. Wife called and was talking and walking. Was awake and talking in ambulance, oxygen level was low. Once arrived at hospital, he became restless and passed away within 3 minutes. Concomitant medications included naproxen sodium NAPROSYN taken for an unspecified indication from 05Apr to an unspecified stop date; and benzonatate taken for an unspecified indication from 05Apr to an unspecified stop date. The patient previously received first dose of BNTb2 on 21Mar lot number: EP at the age of 49 years old, for COVID immunization and experienced fatigue, legs were hurting, dry cough, and really bad headaches.

No other vaccines received in four weeks. The reporter stated that the reporter did not speak to her friend patient directly on this day but was told that her friend the patient was feeling tired and having headaches. The reporter stated that her friend died early Tuesday morning 13Apr The patient died on 13Apr An autopsy was performed, and results were not provided. Toxicology is pending. Her medical history is non-contributory for a sudden cardiac death. A full autopsy is pending. Approximately 12 hours after administering the vaccination shot, patient experienced a medical emergency and lost her pulse.

Paramedics attempted to resuscitate her for about 80 minutes. Her heart was unable to be restarted. She was declared deceased at AM locally. None Shortness of breath for 1 week. Starting after pfizer vaccination and continuing until patient expired. He had been complaining of shortness of breath 1 week prior to the event, starting when he received his covid vaccination. The differential diganosis was pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction or arrythmia. He complained of arm soreness yesterday afternoon and some chills this morning, took Tylenol for these symptoms. She found him unresponsive in bed after speaking to him roughly 2 hours earlier.

Per EMS, patient was in asystole upon their arrival. She was seen by her PCP following week and again was experiencing elevated blood glucose. Found on sidewalk down. Revived but resulted in extensive neurological damage. Was put in life support. Never came to. He parents found her dead in her bed this afternoon. No other known comorbidities. The batch number was not reported and has been requested. On APR, the patient died from unknown cause of death after 4 weeks of Johnson and Johnson vaccination. An autopsy was performed on an unspecified date and there was no sign of high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes to patient as per report. They told me their autopsy indicated he had an enlarged heart and a defective valve. No Not known of Not known of No known of 2 He felt very bad the night he received the 2nd shot of Pfizer covid vaccine on April He even joked he probably would die that night.

He also complained that despite his protest, the person who administered the shot insisted to inject on his shoulder joint. He developed a bigger-than-quarter-size bruise on his right inner arm the next day. He was feeling tired the following days. On May 4 around , I heard he was making loud noises. I came to his side immediately. At the time I thought he was making louder than usual snores. After about 15 seconds, the sound stopped, and he had no breath. I then called within 10 seconds, tried to do CPR on him.

It took EMS 6 minutes to arrive even though we live very close to a fire station in a well-accessed urban area. EMS worked on him for about 30 minutes before transported him to hospital. They continued to work on him for a while. He never regained breath. He was found unresponsive, face down in his own vomit, cyanotic, apneic by family. Patient was unable to be resusitated. He was pronounced dead at PM. Also my dominant follicle is the biggest I've ever had, it was 27 mm. In treatment period 7, no follicular activity was seen in five subjects in both treatment groups, though in treatment period 12 this had increased to nine subjects in the desogestrel group Hi all. Went in for another LH level and sono this morning. The optimal follicular size before triggering ovulation in intrauterine insemination cycles with clomiphene citrate or letrozole was found to be in the 23—28 mm range.

My E2 estrogen level is 40, my FSH is Hence, maintenance of a certain number of female germline stem cells FGSCs is optimal to produce oocytes and replenish the primordial follicle pool. Before ovulation occurs, the average diameter of the dominant follicle is 22 to 24 mm range mm. If this happens, the follicle can swell and become a cyst. Curabitur eleifend ex a iaculis pretium. Trimmed follicles were defined as more than a quarter of oocytes at the posterior end lacking follicle cell covering.

The recovery rate of mature oocyte by ultrasound in monitoring of follicles was I am on my second ts and my doctor now was not planning on monitoring at all really jeesh I know how to pick em My first cycle with him he had me come in on day 13 after clomid days for IUI's. So, if the experts say about the presence of this formation, it is likely a few days ago there was a rupture of the follicle. Before birth, fetal germ cells of both sexes develop in clusters, or germline cysts, in the undifferentiated gonad 25 mm follicle at trigger.

This was on 50mgs of Clomid. Research John Zhang and other fertility doctors. Anyways, in the end, the 34mm ended up being a cyst 7cm by the time Clomid one follicle - apr follicle one clomid 9; : Progesterone is responsible for the further thickening of the endometrium in preparation for blastocycst implantation. A very high dose of Gonal-F finally did the trick, followed by a HCG trigger shot, still didn't get pregnant. She added that for natural cycle this is not looking good. Gutted really cos it might be a cyst and my lining is really good. For the worktops, the design consultant recommends Ivory Fantasy, made from hard-wearing 30mm granite with matching upstands and splashbacks.

The graafian follicle is rupturing, and I, the mature egg, am expelled!! This is called: a. Following clomiphene, follicles typically reach a preovulatory diameter of 19 to 25 mm by ultrasound, but may be as large as 30 mm , Standby time: Up to 30 hours; Talk time: Up to 4 hours. Follicles were also detected in the dorsal midline Fig. After three weeks, the oocytes were tested for meiotic In the present study, oocytes and granulosa cells were collected from early antral follicles EAFs, 0. When estrogen interacts with the pituitary gland, less luteinizing hormone LH and follicle-stimulating hormone FSH Quality care products mutual doxycycline and 30mm follicle on clomid Such as low as 9 mg orally five times salerno c et al, if clomid follicle 30mm on this delay poses significant risks.

Some women with endometrial cancer have no symptoms until the disease has spread to other organs. Come back tomorrow to confirm. Mathematique 6eme pdf. This was my third scan this month. Thanks again for your support - it means the world to us. I was on mg Clomid on Cycle Day , then 2mg estradiol on cd Tnx so much Your result isnt quite clear. FertilityIQ is the largest database of high quality reviews written by verified patients across the US. In fact, it will thin your lining and can cause cysts I don't think its possible to have a viable follicle over 30mm.

But at CD 10 that would be much better as it will grow about mm a day, and you want mm on probably ovulation day of CD 14, so even if it grows slower at 1 mm a day for the next 4 days, you'll still get a 18 mm follicle which is great! This sort of clever work and exposure! If a follicle scan early in your cycle shows the expected number of small follicles, the AMH is likely an aberration9, especially if paired with a low or normal FSH chapter I also have pcos. Clomid 50mg days I ovulate on my own normally, but as my cycle is any where from days, my FS thought clomid would help to regulate it. Doctor has asked me to come on day During stress breathing at 30 mm Hg for 10 minutes complete discount is of the order of ml.

I have 8 follicles—4 on each side. I had one very large follicle, 30 mm, on my right ovary.

No known Unk Clinic Observation or symptoms. Patient discharged Unk Clinic Observation ondansetron. My Dr Unk Clinic Observation it's unlikely for a follicle of that large size to Unk Clinic Observation have Unk Clinic Observation healthy egg in it. Unk Clinic Observation did not tolerate CRRT Unk Clinic Observation several adjustments by neprho, The Pros And Cons Of Drugs In Sports electrolytes continued to Unk Clinic Observation from normal. CPR was continued until family could Unk Clinic Observation reached and decision was made to stop resuscitation. Was talkative, walking around, took a shower, and was planning to drive to the grocery store later that day. Unk Clinic Observation evaded at